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‘The Saint Petersburg Сello Ensemble’

‘The Saint Petersburg Сello Ensemble’ is a professional musical association, created in 2000 by the well-known teacher and cellist Olga Rudneva. The Ensemble brings together talented, passionate people, who are totally devoted to their instrument.

It comprises of eight cellists together with a pianist. Such a line-up is a great rarity in the musical world; it creates an unusually beautiful, deep and warm sound. Many members of the ensemble are laureates of All-Russian and International competitions. Continuing and developing the rich traditions of the St Petersburg cello-playing, the Ensemble is a worthy representative of our great city, both in Russia and abroad.

The Ensemble performs regularly in concerts, in the beautiful halls of the ancient palaces and houses of Saint Petersburg and its surrounding district. Excellent acoustics and luxurious, refined interiors create a special festive atmosphere, which enhances the perception of music.

The repertoire of ‘The Saint Petersburg Cello Ensemble’ is multi-faceted – it covers different epochs, genres and directions. The Ensemble creates its own individual, bright style, based on a synthesis of traditional and new music. Classics and jazz, contemporary and popular music, ethnic motifs, music from the cinema – all combine organically in the Ensemble’s concert programme.

The Ensemble actively collaborates with the best composers of Saint Petersburg and other regions, encouraging an increasing number of composers in joint creative work. Because of this collaboration, the repertoire of the Ensemble is constantly supplemented by new, original works. The majority of the pieces played by the Ensemble can be heard only at its concerts.

A remarkable atmosphere of good will, mutual respect and support reigns among the musicians. The Ensemble consists almost entirely of students of Olga Rudneva. Continuity and unity, together with professionalism, give the Ensemble a unique feeling, enabling the musicians to have a deep awareness of each other. The enthusiasm of the performers for shared musicianship is conveyed to the audience, helping to establish emotional communication.

The Ensemble will interest a wide circle of listeners, because of the bright performance style, the variety of the repertoire, the special atmosphere of warmth and elevation, which are all features of their concerts. The atmosphere of the concerts not only encourages the audience to leave hall in a cheerful, positive mood, but also to appreciate that splendid, refined instrument called the cello.

‘The Saint Petersburg Cello Ensemble’ is waiting to meet you, and will always be delighted to welcome you to its concerts. Come, and you will appreciate just how wonderful life is.