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Documents for the Competition
  1. Competition entry.
  2. Copy of identification document, e. g. passport.
  3. Two photographs, one 4x5 cm, one 10x15 cm.
  4. A short artistic biography.
  5. A copy of the receipt for the registration fee.

Standard forms for entry and for submission of the receipt for payment of the entry fee can be downloaded and printed from here:

Payment of the entry fee

The entry fee is 1,000 Russian roubles or 25 euros for each participant.

Russian participants and residents of neighbouring countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Beloruscija, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine ) may make payment only in Russian roubles (details are in Receipt for the entry fee in roubles above).
Russian participants can make payment only by cash at any branch of the Sberbank Bank of Russia.
Residents of neighbouring countries may make payment at any bank.

Residents of other countries may make payment in euros, over the counter at any bank.
Payment in euros is subject to requirements (details are in Invoice above).
Payment may be made at any bank.

Where to send entries

Entry form, documents and a copy of the receipt for the entry fee should be sent together with the musical material by registered mail to:
‘St Petersburg Cello Ensemble’ Ltd
Yuri Falik International Competition for Composers, to Olga Rudneva – the Chairman of the Organizing Committee
box 601
Saint Petersburg
Russian Federation


For information, contact:
e-mail –
Mobile phone numbers:
+7 951 680 6680
+7 981 846 8918

Registered address:
St Petersburg Cello Ensemble (Limited Liability Company), under the direction of Olga Rudneva
ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 45
Saint Petersburg
Russian Federation

If you are willing to support the competition and make a donation towards the success of the project, you can transfer funds to the ‘St Petersburg Cello Ensemble’ account. Under ‘reason of payment’ please enter ‘Voluntary donation to the Yuri Falik International Competition for Composers. VAT is not levied’.

…and to print the receipt or invoice for the voluntary donation…