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The founder and organizer of the competition

The Competition has been founded and is organized by the St Petersburg Cello Ensemble under the direction of Olga Rudneva.

Sponsors and partners
  • The St Petersburg Composers’ Union;
  • The ‘Russian Tradition’ Association;
  • RTR Radio of Russia – St Petersburg;
  • The independent electronic newspaper ‘Music of Russia’;
  • The Saint Petersburg Centre for contemporary classical music;
  • Radio Maria – Russia;
  • The centre for creativity, education and culture, ‘Art Center’;
  • The newspaper ‘Musical Klondike’;
  • The information resource ‘Academic music of Siberia’;
  • Valentina Borisovna NEZHINSKAYA;
  • Olga Ivanovna RUDNEVA.
The judging panel

The judging panel will work together as equals, without a Chairman, and consists of:

  • Vadim Davidovich BIBERGAN,
    Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor;
  • Anatoly Alexandrovich KOROLEV,
    Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor;
  • Vyacheslav Lavrentievich NAGOVITSIN,
    Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor;
  • Sergey Alexandrovich OSKOLKOV,
    Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor;
  • Vladimir Ivanovich TSYTOVICH,
    Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, Ph.D., Professor.
The Organizing Committee
  • Olga Ivanovna RUDNEVA,
    General Director of the St Petersburg Cello Ensemble, artistic director of the group, Chairman of the Organizing Committee;
  • Mikhail Georgievich ZHURAVLEV,
    Composer, Chairman of the ‘Russian Tradition’ Association;
  • Fedor Vladimirovich KALININ,
    Member of the St Petersburg Cello Ensemble.
Participants in the Competition

The competition is open to composers of any age.

The objectives of the Competition
  • To increase the popularity of the cello as an instrument with great potential;
  • To expand the repertoire for an ensemble of eight cellos;
  • To encourage composers to work with the St Petersburg Cello Ensemble, under the direction of Olga Rudneva;
  • To develop inter ethnic relations in the arts;
  • To further links with government and commercial bodies in support of gifted composers.
Dates of the Competitions

Entries postmarked between 1 March and 30 April 2012 will be accepted. The panel of judges will consider the entries in May – June 2012. The results will be announced on 1 July 2012.


The venue for the competition is St Petersburg.

Requirements for entries

The following will be accepted as entries: original compositions, reworked pieces, arrangements, for an ensemble of eight cellos, perhaps with piano accompaniment. Preferably, each ‘voice’ should be heard independently. Submitted works must take into account the diverse techniques of cello-playing. Submitted works should not have been previously published, or have won any other awards.
Competitors may submit any number of entries. We welcome works of imagination and emotion, for concert performance, with maximum duration of seven minutes.

Priority areas:

  • Original works, with their distinctive national characteristics;
  • Works of a virtuoso nature;
  • Works that combine features of classical music and jazz, classical and popular, classical and ethnic.

The competition will have one round only.

Required with each entry:

  • Two copies of the complete score, prepared on and printed from a computer;
  • Two copies of the individual parts for each cello, prepared on and printed from a computer;
  • Two copies of a CD-R with an audio recording of the score (.wav format).

In exceptional circumstances, and with the agreement of the Organizing Committee, manuscript entries may be accepted.

The Organizing Committee requires that competitors’ names should not appear on scores or discs, only on accompanying documents. Competitors should submit every score and disc under a pseudonym, so that the entries may be considered anonymously. The entry form should bear the pseudonym and also the competitor’s real name (surname and forename). This is to ensure maximum objectivity.
The entries must be submitted to the Organizing Committee in full.
Entries will not be returned.

Results of the Competition

The winners will be awarded with diplomas for first, second and third places in the Yuri Falik International Competition for Composers.

Prize money will be awarded as follows, in Russian roubles:

  • 1st Prize – 50,000 roubles;
  • 2nd Prize – 30,000 roubles;
  • 3rd Prize – 20,000 roubles.

The judges have the right to divide any prize between two parties, or to award a diploma but no prize – the contestants in such circumstances will be included in the list of winners.
The winning works will be included in the repertoire of the St Petersburg Cello Ensemble, and will be recorded on a CD, a copy of which will be sent to all competitors.
All prize-winners will be invited to participate in long-term collaboration with the St Petersburg Cello Ensemble.
The winning works will be performed in a concert after the awards ceremony, to be held at the House of Composers, St Petersburg. The concert will coincide with the ‘Petersburg Autumn’ International Festival of Russian Arts (date to be announced on the website).
Participants attending the ceremony will meet their own costs for travel to St Petersburg and accommodation. The Organizing Committee will assist with booking a hotel or hostel if notified in advance.
Prize-winners who cannot attend the ceremony and concert will be sent their diplomas, prizes and CD copies.
All recording and broadcast rights in respect of the awards ceremony and concert rest with the Organizing Committee and can be enforced in Russia and abroad.